Isle Repair


This rich leave-in conditioner can be diluted into a spray bottle making it a fantastic finishing product to eliminate stray and fly-away hairs while controlling static.  Used straight it is great for working into damaged or dry coats that need some extra conditioning.  English Setter owners have found that spraying Isle Repair into the “pee” areas of their dog’s coats help protect them from staining and reduce coat damage.


For damaged coats we recommend full strength application by working into a damp coat prior to styling/drying.  For the day of show touch ups, dilute 1-2 tbsp. with water in an 8 oz. spray bottle, spray into the coat and blow dry.  The dilution ratio can be varied to meet the needs of your dog’s coat.

Here’s a hint: When diluting, start with an inch of water in the bottom of the spray bottle, add the required amount of product, shake well and then add the balance of the water.

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