Isle Lift


This is a non-aerosol product with a special applicator designed to apply the product directly to the base of the hair shaft.  It will help hold the hair up and away from the skin to create extra height and volume.   This product is perfect for breeds that need their coat to standup such as  Pekingese, Poodles, Terriers, Shelties and Collies.  It also works great to fix that little dip behind the withers that takes away from an otherwise perfect top line.  The nice thing about this product, once it is applied to the base of the hair shaft it will not feel as though there is any thing in the coat and like our other holding product it does not have a tacky feel.  Just like Isle Hold and Isle Style, it comes in an economical refill.


Spray into the roots or undercoat and dry and style as usual.  It may be sprayed onto your fingertips and worked into the head or leg furnishings.


Retail Price: $24.00

Web Special: $21.60

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